Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Sad Tale of Shilah

Now about the "when Shilah isn't attacking her part". Shilah's time with us is short-lived because she has grown a hatred for Nora. She has had the problem in the past with other females, and when we told the situation to other dog trainers and mushers they advised re-homing her. So we are now in the process of finding my sweet girl a new home. :'( It has been VERY hard to to but it is for the best interest and safety of Nora. It isn't exactly relaxing to have to worry about a dog fight happening every time they see each other. She will be much more successful in a loving home with no other female dogs.
She has 4 things that she needs in a home:

1. An active owner that will exercise her regularly.
2. A secure fenced yard
3. No other female dogs!
4. Plenty of love and attention (which she is MORE that willing to soak up) :)

I you know of ANYONE that would love to adopt a awesome running dog and sweet companion, please contact me.You can read more about her and contact me through my website We are giving Shilah away for free because she was given to us.

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