Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 Darby Dog Derby

Last weekend I went up to Montana to race in the Darby Dog Derby! It was SO much fun! I entered in the 4 dog, 6 mile class and got 3rd out of 4 teams. Hey, at least I didn't get last. :) My team was Thor, two of Nicki's dogs (a musher friend), and one of Team Warren's dogs. They all did great! I was really happy how all four of the dogs ran so well together even when they haven't really ran together before. Awesome puppies!
My results were kind of crazy! The first day I got a time of 32:38 and was in 4th place. The second day I got the exact same time of 32:28! To top if off I moved up a place and beat the 4th team by one second! Crazy!!
That's not the end of the story. :) When we were driving home, we came upon the Warrens who were pulled alongside the road. Their truck had blown a tire so we pulled over to help them. A nice couple  came up and said that they had a tire that would fit their truck, that they could give them. Then they said they had some dog boxes that weren't being used and are just sitting in their yard. They said that if we wanted them they would just give them to us. I was SO excited because I had been praying for about a year now, trying to figure out how I was going to get dog boxes. My dad and I went to see them and they are a little funky but are perfect for what I had been looking for. :) They even have built in fans for in the summer. God sure works in mysterious ways! :) To make the day more exciting, the Warrens, because of the flat tire, decided to stay at our house that night because they decided they would get back to their house too late if they kept driving. Quite the day!!

Thanks Patrick J Chaplin for this awesome photo of my team!!

Getting ready! The Warren's dog has taken pulling a sled to a whole new level. :)

And... they're off!

Thor is such a goof!

Nora chillin. :)

The mushers!

I really want to thank the Bitterroot Mushers for putting on such an awesome race and to everyone else who helped put it on (there are too many for me to name individually) :). I also want to thank Nicki and Team Warren for loaning me their dogs and to the couple who generously gave me dog boxes. The whole weekend was a blast and it was awesome to catch up with lots of friends there and to meet more friends. Thanks again to the Bitterroot Mushers and all the mushers and volunteers who made the awesome race possible. :)
Happy mushing!

PS. You can check out some awesome pictures that Patrick J Chaplin took of the race here!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Snow!!!

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland! I have been waiting for snow to make an appearance ever since... well... summer! We got a couple of inches but not enough to be able to take my sled out on. 

 Thor and Nora are doing good! We got to take them home for Thanksgiving break, and we went to Montana for a visit. The dogs enjoyed the attention (Thor sat on my lap the whole 7 hours to MT) :) and I enjoyed having my amazing pups with me. :) They are enjoying their time at the Warrens, where they are able to howl with 40 other dogs. Plus the Warrens are kind enough to run Thor with their team so he's ready for the season.

We are looking forward to Christmas and hopefully to more snow!
Happy mushing!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Updates from Idaho

Hi all! It has been a crazy couple of months! Here's the updates on my awesome pups. Since we haven't found a house here yet and are renting a house that doesn't allow dogs, some musher friends of ours, the Warrens, were very kind to let my pups stay at their house until we find a home of our own.
This is very sad, but I had to get rid of my chickens, but they are now in a good, caring "retirement" home where I'm sure they will be happy.
About me, school has been going good and my cross country season has been awesome and have made it onto varsity. :) I have nothing to complain about our move except I miss all my friends and family from Montana, and I also miss the Mountains and all the trees. But I'm sure I'll get used to the lack of them after a while.
I'm getting excited for the mushing season to start again! The trees are staring to turn and the air is getting a slight nip to it. Yay! I can't wait!! :D

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tis the Season to... Move to Idaho?

Oh wow. So many changes have happened since my last post. First, we are moving down into South Idaho near Boise in a couple of days. So we have been very busy trying to move! Plus I'll be starting my freshman year of high school in about a week too. I have been home schooled before this so I'll be going from a 1 person school (home schooled. oh yeah!) to a 5-A school. Yikes. I hope everything goes well! There have been a lot of sad good byes, but I know that God will be with us every step of the way. :)

My pups have been holding our with all the hot weather and smoke over here. I hope they transition well in the move! 

HOPEFULLY there will be more updates on our move and on my crazy canines soon. :)
Happy mushing!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Good Bye My Sweet Girl!

On the 25th, about a week ago, we brought Shilah to Paws Up Safe Home.After several failed attempts of trying to get her a new home ourselves, we brought her there. I was feeling bad for giving up and bringing her to a rescue, but once I met the owners I knew she was in very good hands. They have about 40 dogs, lots of cats, and several different animals including a blind turkey. :) They have a no-kill facility and have tons of contacts with people who want to adopt. Some mushers have already came up to their place and have taken a look at her (their dogs aren't up for adoption for 30 days so that they can get to know them before getting them a home) so there is a really good chance that she will go to a working home. I am SO happy for that! They have tons of yards and fences including an acre that has a very secure 6' fence around it. I'm sad and happy at the same time about her. I was crying after we dropped her off, but I knew she was going to have a better chance at life there. I have been talking with the owner and she said Shilah is taking the transition very well and is being a very good girl. I am so happy for her!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Sad Tale of Shilah

Now about the "when Shilah isn't attacking her part". Shilah's time with us is short-lived because she has grown a hatred for Nora. She has had the problem in the past with other females, and when we told the situation to other dog trainers and mushers they advised re-homing her. So we are now in the process of finding my sweet girl a new home. :'( It has been VERY hard to to but it is for the best interest and safety of Nora. It isn't exactly relaxing to have to worry about a dog fight happening every time they see each other. She will be much more successful in a loving home with no other female dogs.
She has 4 things that she needs in a home:

1. An active owner that will exercise her regularly.
2. A secure fenced yard
3. No other female dogs!
4. Plenty of love and attention (which she is MORE that willing to soak up) :)

I you know of ANYONE that would love to adopt a awesome running dog and sweet companion, please contact me.You can read more about her and contact me through my website We are giving Shilah away for free because she was given to us.

Summer Ramblings

So it's past winter, and spring, which leads us to summer. The season in which there is much panting and the final, desperate process of huskies finishing blowing their coats. The only season in which Nora puts down her pride and actually steps into the water, and sometimes when it's getting REALLY hot she actually lies down. But that's pretty rare. Thor is always happy to leap into the water without fear. I sometimes swear he is trying to be superman with his leaps. :) The only time he doesn't go into the water is when it's cold enough to have a blanket of ice on top of the water. Sometimes I think he's part Lab. Me, well you don't exactly see a person jumping into the water with much enthusiasm. Unless your a water addict or something, which isn't exactly what I am. :)

I have decided to canicross with Thor in Mountain to Meadow 1/2 marathon at the end of this month. I think it'll be a good experience for both of us. Me, to say I have run a 1/2 marathon (even though canicrossing is kind of cheating) :) and for Thor to get more experience in races and leading with strange distractions all around him. I'm pretty excited about canicrossing this race with Thor, and I think it'll be really fun!

For an update on Nora, she's still the princess she thinks she is, when Shilah isn't wanting to attack her. (I'll get to that in a later post)  :( Nothing interesting has happened with her lately. She's just being a good, well behaved pup.

Well, back to enjoying the warmth while it's here, but still wishing there was snow. Ah, the wishes of a musher...