Saturday, October 19, 2013

Updates from Idaho

Hi all! It has been a crazy couple of months! Here's the updates on my awesome pups. Since we haven't found a house here yet and are renting a house that doesn't allow dogs, some musher friends of ours, the Warrens, were very kind to let my pups stay at their house until we find a home of our own.
This is very sad, but I had to get rid of my chickens, but they are now in a good, caring "retirement" home where I'm sure they will be happy.
About me, school has been going good and my cross country season has been awesome and have made it onto varsity. :) I have nothing to complain about our move except I miss all my friends and family from Montana, and I also miss the Mountains and all the trees. But I'm sure I'll get used to the lack of them after a while.
I'm getting excited for the mushing season to start again! The trees are staring to turn and the air is getting a slight nip to it. Yay! I can't wait!! :D

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