Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Snow!!!

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland! I have been waiting for snow to make an appearance ever since... well... summer! We got a couple of inches but not enough to be able to take my sled out on. 

 Thor and Nora are doing good! We got to take them home for Thanksgiving break, and we went to Montana for a visit. The dogs enjoyed the attention (Thor sat on my lap the whole 7 hours to MT) :) and I enjoyed having my amazing pups with me. :) They are enjoying their time at the Warrens, where they are able to howl with 40 other dogs. Plus the Warrens are kind enough to run Thor with their team so he's ready for the season.

We are looking forward to Christmas and hopefully to more snow!
Happy mushing!


  1. Have fun we just got our first snow over here not to long ago, but now we have like 6 inches the dogs are loving it and it is so fun to take the sleds out. You forget what it is like to ride a sled during the summer and it is an amassing experience the first time you ride one when winter finally arrives. It just finished snowing here today and I want to take the dogs out tomorrow to bad I will be stuck int the car all day.

    1. Awesome! Yes, its the best thing getting back on the runners after summer. :) That's so exciting that you have enough snow to sled on! I hope you have fun when you are able to take your team out. :)

  2. Well by this time we have had many runs on the snow, we are running on the snowmobile trails. It is so nice this year to not have to brake my own trail. I hope you will have enough snow soon have fun when it arrives.